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How should I transport my cake?
Your cake is a delicate artisan product and should be treated as such. To maintain the integrity of your cake, you should keep the cake in its box and level at all times. Tipping your cake may lead to garnishes falling off and having the cake damaged by touching the sides of the box.

We recommend placing your cake out of direct sunlight on a flat surface -- the floor of your car is best. Please be aware that all our cakes a purpose built to be held in refrigerated cabinet, so limit the amount of time that the cake is in transport and consider using a cooler bag to place the cake in on warmer days.

Treacy Pâtisserie will not take responsibility for any damage incurred during transportation.

Do you make large birthday cakes?

At present, we do not make large birthday cakes. Keep an eye on our social media feeds as we are working on making this happen.

Why do you frequently sell out?

We are a small artisan pâtisserie with a small kitchen and not a production facility with bought-in cakes. Because of this, we are not capable of producing thousands of cakes every day.

How long do the cakes last for?
Treacy Pâtisserie uses fresh ingredients without preservatives or flavourings. Therefore, cakes should be eaten within 2 days of purchasing and stored between 3-5°C.

After 1 day you may notice changes to the visible quality of the cakes, so we recommend that you enjoy your cake on the day you purchase it to experience the full flavour profile and textural contrast.

How should I store my macarons?

Macarons should be refrigerated, but eaten at room temperature. We recommend removing your macarons from the refrigerator 30 minutes before consuming.

Do you use local ingredients?

Treacy Pâtisserie uses both local and international ingredients. We work closely with all our suppliers and source locally wherever possible.

Do you make everything made in house?

All creations are made from our humble kitchen at Treacy Pâtisserie.

Do you make custom cakes?

We are currently not taking orders for custom creations.